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Welcome to Expediters Union


Welcome to Expediters Union. Many mistake this for an actual "Union" like the UAW, but we are not that type of "union". The word union is used loosely, like a "gathering" or "group" of expediters.

We know through years of experience that more drivers would succeed if their costs were lower and even if pay was higher.

We know we can pay you better than anyone else with flat rate per mile loaded rates.

This will only occur, if you have a solid footing financially and have a desire to put forth the effort to profit in your business and above all, stop the carrier jumping. We know that a higher wage and lower costs, will produce more successful drivers, though it is not the ONLY
ingredient for success, but a big part of it. Finally, keep in mind, we fully intend to raise our standards again and again, to those Owner Operators who can demonstrate the ability to blend into our methods & procedures and put business first, in exchange, for better wages and
lower operating costs.

With effort, loyalty, time and grade, we will invest more into your program with us, but only if you demonstrate the ability to operate with us as the industry requires.

We have no issues with your running for more than one carrier at a time as long as we capture a fair amount of monthly volume to cover our costs associated with your unit.

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