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Welcome to Expediters Union

Every Expedite Carrier has expenses associated with your unit. The amounts will vary from one expediting company to another. Our fixed costs are the lowest of any expedited carrier.

Permanent / fixed ongoing monthly cost - Only $203.00 a month.

  • Occupational Accident Insurance.....if you wish to obtain a policy on your own
  • Cargo Insurance ......$200.00 per month
  • Direct Deposit fee / each deposit ......$3.00


  • Cargo insurance deductible escrow (cide)...... $25.00 a week (up to $500.00 then stops coming out). This money remains yours and is returned to you in the event of termination. All competitor carriers have a $2500.00 or more (cide) escrow and normally remove from your settlements around $140.00 a week or more until you have reached their higher escrow.

Expedite jobs.

Currently hiring all expedite unit sizes to include:

  • regular expedite cargo vans
  • sprinter expedited cargo vans
  • cube vans
  • expediting straight trucks with sleepers
  • expedite tractors with sleepers and trailers

Expediters go online for expedite jobs and expedite loads and enjoy consistent two way back to back expedite loads. This is what you can expect from Expediters Union.

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