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Welcome to Expediters Union

DRIVER TESTIMONIALS ... We normally do NOT put logo's depicting eXpediters on any trucks or vans but we have as in these testimonial remarks.

These are a very special 8 selected drivers of ours and we have hand picked them to add these logo's to their units and given them extra compensation each month in exchange for this "advertising / word of mouth". This group of drivers and their units are especially pleased
with their specific circumstances with us and this is simply a mutual favor on everybody's part for the testimonials and the ads / logo's. We do not do this anymore so please do not ask to be included in this promotional program if your a current driver or a potentially new driver.

Keep in mind every Independent Contractor has the potential to realize a profit or loss by entering into any relationship with any carrier or business endeavor. Results do vary.

Expediting jobs
I have just started being an expediter and I have to say it is definitely a change of pace. The recruiters helped me locate an expediter unit easily. I'm glad I could go on line to find expedite carriers, it made the research a lot easier. I get enough work most of the time and have no

We are fleet owners with straight trucks and cargo vans. We talked to other expediting truck drivers we ran into that were already with this carrier and they all seemed happy so we figured we'd give it a try. So far so good. We
took our cargo van over first then we ended up transferring my expedite trucks over as well. It was worth the change and I'm glad there are more opportunities for expediters online which make finding decent carriers easier. We like being able to drive all over the midwest and being with each other every day. Our trucks all have expedite teams and we all make good money. We'll all stay happy as long as we don't have to go into Canada or watch the grass grow in Texas.

expediting team
expediting vehicles
I spent a couple months with the recruiter before I bought my Sprinter cargo van. I'm glad I did not put a built in sleeper inside because I see all too many expedite loads I never would have got if
I turned my cargo space into a sleeper. Instead I use the whole cargo area as my "RV".

I have had many expediting jobs and been with a few Carriers. I went online looking for an expedited carrier and found only a couple worth joining. I like my freedom of working for myself. Expediting freight can be a great job if you like cruising.

expedite jobs online

I really enjoy my road time. I think that expediting freight is the most rewarding job I have ever had. I looked for an expediting job for a few months. I found that this company had the best overall
program. Expediting is a great way to travel and get paid for it. Best advice: Insulate your vehicle and get a Garmin.

I was an OTR trucker for 5 years and find this to be easier than hauling around my old rig. I liked big rigs but not having to drag that trailer around all the time is the best.
expediter jobs
carrier and expediters team
I'm 23 years old and straight out of the military. The recruiters helped me pick the right vehicle and educated me with information for what was best to enjoy my new expediting job and living out of my Sprinter cargo van since I have all the comforts of home. This last winter I found out why my recruiter insisted on me insulating
my unit. Most of the time I was to hot and the warmth held up in the coldest nights.
Left to right. We team in a straight truck expediter. We like the fact that we don't have to spend way too much money on qual comms and no more haz mat freight. I'm from Memphis Tn and I told these 2 other guys about this
company. All of us have been with several other expedite carriers and like this expedite carrier the best because we get consistent expedited freight and our settlements aren't drained by high carrier deductions. I like the fixed monthly fees because it helps me budget
my bills better without the high unknown deductions all the time.
expedite owner operators
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