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Welcome to Expediters Union

When are Paydays?
What are all of the costs associated with your Company?
How do I lease on with your Company?
How much do you pay?
How do you measure success or failure?
Tell me about your Company.
How can I contact your Company?
When are Paydays

Are every other Friday. Your payroll will be direct deposited into your account on Friday's between 10 am and Noon depending on when your bank downloads the deposit. We do not use trip packs since a regular postage stamp is a cheaper way to transfer documents.

What are all of the costs associated with your Company


Every Expedite Carrier has expenses associated with your unit. The amounts will vary from one expediting company to another. Our fixed costs are the lowest of any expedited carrier.

Permanent / fixed ongoing monthly cost - Only $231.00 a month.

  • Occupational Accident Insurance......$125.00 per month
  • Cargo Insurance ......$100.00 per month
  • Direct Deposit fee / each deposit ......$3.00


  • Cargo insurance deductible escrow (cide)...... $25.00 a week (up to $500.00 then stops coming out). This money remains yours and is returned to you in the event of termination. All competitor carriers have a $2500.00 or more (cide) escrow and normally remove from your settlements around $140.00 a week or more until you have reached their higher escrow.
How do I lease on with your Company

Lease on in order of priority.

  1. You'll need to provide your MVR via fax to 260.483.1833. Be sure to include the following on the MVR:
    a) Your e-mail address
    b) Your unit information. Year/Make/Model
    c) Your phone number.
    Be sure it is legible.
  2. You'll need a Nextel or Boost two way Mobile Radio (Direct Connect) with nationwide coverage and Voice Mail. If you have a cell phone contract you are locked into, this is fine, just get the two way radio activated on the nextel or boost only. No cellular capabalities
  3. Primary Liability Insurance.......Call Insurers for quotes. We have 2 phone numbers of primary liability insurers. Or apply online at Expediters Insurance .com
  4. Some form of navigation equipment. You will need to have either a Garmin, Laptop or other acceptable equipment in order to navigate with properly and expeditiously.
  5. Locate the following items and bring them to your scheduled orientation:
    a) Vehicle registration or Temp tag issued (new units)
    b) Your social security card
    c) OR Birth Certificate
    d) Green Card (when applicable)
    e) Drivers License
    f) A voided blank check for direct deposit
    g) Scale ticket (approximately $8.00). Get this from any full service truck stop. We need this to determine your units maximum cargo capacity without overloading you.
    h) A current road atlas
How much do you pay


100% FSC when applicable
.10 cpm after 100 miles to acquire any load

All units are paid 60% of the load.

Service failures will result in a deduction (late pick ups or deliveries)

See 90 Day Probation Period below for some fine print on these pay scales

How do you measure success or failure

If you can't manage to operate your business properly under out pay scale program and actually turn a profit, it could be from one or more of the following factors:

1) Mishandling of your business
2) Having excessive debt &/or interest causing financial strain
3) Perhaps you're lacking the skill to successfully run your own business &/or "mesh" with the lifestyle of an expediter

If you fail with us, it will most likely be in the first 90 days simply because you can not adapt to being an expediter. If you succeed and remain in our ranks after 90 days, it will most likely be because you know how to run a business, can tolerate the expediters lifestyle and being an OTR driver.

If you like driving and can handle OTR work, your success rate should be 100% with us. Our program is geared towards saving you money in terms of expense with us, your carrier and providing expedite loads in reasonable volume.

Tell me about your Company

We were established September 1963 in Melrose Park Illinois. Over 40 years in the freight business and 12 years in the expedited business.

As for our Expediters Union label: We operate on a platform of only what's a necessity. The majority of our profits from our expedited division goes into our technology platform and networking. The balance covers basic operating costs and administrative wages. We keep our operating costs low and we channel our core profits to our Owner Operators. We spend very little money on advertising and rely on our Owner Operators word of mouth and their units advertising.

How can I contact your Company

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