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Welcome to Expediters Union


Lease on in order of priority.

  1. You'll need to provide your MVR via fax to 260.483.1833. Be sure to include the following on the MVR:
    a) Your e-mail address
    b) Your unit information. Year/Make/Model
    c) Your phone number.
    Be sure it is legible.
  2. You'll need a Nextel or Boost two way Mobile Radio (Direct Connect) with nationwide coverage and Voice Mail. If you have a cell phone contract you are locked into, this is fine, just get the two way radio activated on the nextel or boost only. No cellular capabalities
  3. Primary Liability Insurance.......Call Insurers for quotes. We have 2 phone numbers of primary liability insurers. Or apply online at Expediters Insurance .com
  4. Some form of navigation equipment. You will need to have either a Garmin, Laptop or other acceptable equipment in order to navigate with properly and expeditiously.
  5. Locate the following items and bring them to your scheduled orientation:
    a) Vehicle registration or Temp tag issued (new units)
    b) Your social security card
    c) OR Birth Certificate
    d) Green Card (when applicable)
    e) Drivers License
    f) A voided blank check for direct deposit
    g) Scale ticket (approximately $8.00). Get this from any full service truck stop. We need this to determine your units maximum cargo capacity without overloading you.
    h) A current road atlas
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