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Welcome to Expediters Union


If you can't manage to operate your business properly under out pay scale program and actually turn a profit, it could be from one or more of the following factors:

1) Mishandling of your business
2) Having excessive debt &/or interest causing financial strain
3) Perhaps you're lacking the skill to successfully run your own business &/or "mesh" with the lifestyle of an expediter

If you fail with us, it will most likely be in the first 90 days simply because you can not adapt to being an expediter. If you succeed and remain in our ranks after 90 days, it will most likely be because you know how to run a business, can tolerate the expediters lifestyle and being an OTR driver.

If you like driving and can handle OTR work, your success rate should be 100% with us. Our program is geared towards saving you money in terms of expense with us, your carrier and providing expedite loads in reasonable volume.

We look for partners not drivers.

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